Mateja Jarc

In September 2020 Mateja Jarc earned a master’s degree in speech therapy and deaf people language pedagogy at the University of Ljubljana.

The first steps into music were taken by studying the piano (teacher Beatrice Zonta). She has been a member of various choirs, like APZ - Academic choir Tone Tomsič in Ljubljana (conductor Jerica Bukovec), the women choir ČarniCe (conductor Monika Fela) and, for many years, the girls choir Bodeča neža (conductor Mateja Černic). She is currently a member of the regional youth choir of Friuli Venezia Giulia (conductor Mirko Ferlan). Since 2011 she has been conducting the children choir Mali veseljaki, which is part of the music school Emil Komel. In September 2020 she took over the conduction of the girls choir Bodeča neža.

DVS Bodeča Neža

P.D. Vrh sv. Mihaela

Cotiči, 41 Vrh sv. Mihaela

Sovodnje ob Soči, 34070 Gorica, Italy