Bodeča Neža DOC

In the severe lockdown period of the Covid-19 pandemic the girls didn’t give up and decided to move their work online. The aim was to offer the public an interesting alternative to the concerts and live music events, and so they thought of a mini series about the choir, the first of its kind,  called Bodeča neča DOC, which was broadcast on social media. Lucrezia Bogaro was the director of the six episodes and two tutorials, while Dominique Pozzo was in charge of photography. Marta Carlesso managed the graphics and Ilaria Bergnac roled as the narrator. The project, managed entirely by women, was carried out exclusively through online meetings and established a special bond between the singers and the other participants.

Foto: Dominique Pozzo

DVS Bodeča Neža

P.D. Vrh sv. Mihaela

Cotiči, 41 Vrh sv. Mihaela

Sovodnje ob Soči, 34070 Gorica, Italy