Bodečenežno is the first CD release of the choir and it presents the growth of the vocal group since its beginning. It is divided in four parts: international repertoire (Gallus, Hammerstrom, Eben, Poulanc, Cleasen, Busto, Čopi), compositions from authors of the Slovenian minority living in Italy  (Cergol, Klodič, Quaggiato, Tavčar), arrangements of Slovenian folk songs (Marolt, Krek, Čopi, Gobec), and arrangements of pop songs. The CD shows the development of the choir from the first performances as a seven-member vocal group to the achievements at national and international events as a choir of twenty. The CD has received several positive reviews.

DVS Bodeča Neža

P.D. Vrh sv. Mihaela

Cotiči, 41 Vrh sv. Mihaela

Sovodnje ob Soči, 34070 Gorica, Italy