Gregorijanski koral

Professor Susi Ferfoglia tutored a masterclass in Gregorian chants in Gorizia and Sant’Andrea. With the program Mysteria Vitae Christi the girls discovered Gregorian chants of the liturgical year, from Advent compositions to the Easter chant Victimae Pascoli laudes. The main concert was conducted by prof. Susi Ferfoglia end was held in the cathedral in Gorizia. It saw the participation of a ten-member men vocal group and of organist Riccardo Cossi. Around 200 listeners turned up  for such a special event. The girls later repeated the concert in Ljubljana and Trieste.

DVS Bodeča Neža

P.D. Vrh sv. Mihaela

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Sovodnje ob Soči, 34070 Gorica, Italy