V Elementih

V elementih (Elements) was a musical theatre show prepared in collaboration with theatre director Patrizia Jurinčič Finžgar. The four elements - water, air, earth, fire - were represented through a woman’s emotions. Elementi (Elements), four compositions by composer Patrik Quaggiato, were especially written for the anniversary concert and functioned as frame to the concert, while in between the choir performed music from different historical periods, from the German romantics, to late Slovene romantics, to contemporary songs by European and American authors. Dancer Nika Bagon linked music with dancing movements and an instrumental quartet enriched the performance. The show premiered 21st September 2019 in Kulturni center Lojze Bratuž in Gorizia.

Foto: Henrik Sturman

DVS Bodeča Neža

P.D. Vrh sv. Mihaela

Cotiči, 41 Vrh sv. Mihaela

Sovodnje ob Soči, 34070 Gorica, Italy